Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Archlinux instalation via chroot from other Linux.

I want to leave it here, in order to simplify my life if I decide to install Arch next time.

Initial assumption

Desired partition for Arch linux is /dev/mapper/vg-arch. 


Now we ready to chroot:

Installation process in chroot 

Since my root is on lvm partition I need to do additional work:
Add arch kernel to grub2:

When I ran grub update my ubuntu instalation also found installed arch and created entry for it in grub-config. But later I was able to load from entry created by me, but not from entry created by ubuntu.

So, we can now chroot in newly installed Archlinux. I was able use pacman normally only after I've disabled CheckSpace option in /etc/pacman.conf

Setup network:

Then I've configured system.